Practically everyone has clear concepts B2B and B2C, but what happens when our efforts, resources and therefore money becomes B2N (Business to Nobody). We can give examples of companies that are on-line as an obligation, its pages are outdated and its content does not generate traffic. The organization is not involved.

To get a return on investment, you must have an on-line strategy . The organization should be motivated to maintain a presence online. This motivation must involve general direction from the other levels.

The on-line strategy must take into account the same communicative aspects of off-line strategy, but it goes far beyond. It should take into account new technological and social reality. We cannot forget the social networks and all its implications. Only ten years ago, a dissatisfied customer could damage the image of a company in limited environment. Today, a globalizing dissatisfied customer can damage the image of the company virally. This is a big problem if you don’t control it.

Marketing viral

Viral communication

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