Who am I?

My name is Manuel Montañés. It is not easy to answer this question, could make a copy and paste my CV but I do not think is appropriate.

Professionally I am Telecommunication Engineering from the UPC. My career has developed in various settings, but all have one common feature, I’ve had great leaders. Thanks to them, I have gained expertise in international settings, startup companies, ecommerce and marketing 2.0.

I worked teaching in a professional school with teenagers, to teach is a very interesting job that enriches and not well appreciated. In my time teaching I have to thank my students who taught me everything. I worked as a teacher in a school of Vocational Training, Image and Sound. I can say that working with teens is a very rewarding work.

In 97, I present my Final Project (a study of SERVQUAL model for measuring customer satisfaction of services) and decide to supplement my training with an MBA from UB in Les Heures. I cannot thank all the support that Carolina Consolación, my director of PFC in the Department of Management of the UPC, gave to me and keeps on.

In 98 I joined Shared Medical Systems, an American company offering software and services infrastructure (Networking) to U.S. hospitals. SMS had not implemented the Networking division in Europe. When they decided to create in Europe Networking division sent to Rome to James Post, Director of Technology Services International. I was hired in 1998 for the implementation and development of the division. My main goal was to develop business in Spain, France and Italy, but was also involved in the implementation of the division in the north of Europe (UK, Ireland, Holland and Belgium) and the Central region (Germany, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic) preparing the procurement of Business Area Directors in these regions. I also coordinated the development of business and management plan interviews candidates in various positions in different European locations. I cannot thank Jim Post everything I learned with him, in fact, now we are good friends.

Indo hired me in 2001 to develop electronic commerce (B2B ecommerce). The company had no e-business tool operation and needed a professional to design, implement and support the various tools of electronic commerce (ecommerce) for the optical market. I managed the implementation process of electronic commerce (ecommerce) redesigning internal company processes to meet the e-client expectations. In Indo, I have given functional and optical support to independence opticians and large accounts. With large accounts, I have implemented e-commerce solutions using EDI. I managed international projects in Denmark, Portugal, France and Chile. I have developed the technical and functional support group. Indo increased from 0 to over 50% of its turnover managed through electronic ordering (ecommerce). To develop this support was crucial Indo CIO, Roger de Ramon, a great manager with a great sensitivity to the customer.

Today, I love what is happening online. The technological advances in personal communications, primarily the popularity of smartphones, it gives us global access as individuals. I call it the globalization of the individual. Opens a new universe to us …


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