Horror! After spending XK € no one visits our website!

I am sure that this phrase, or a variant of it, has appeared in many meetings. How can it be that after having spent so much money on a new site, including new artwork of our products, we have not gotten a flood of new customers? What is the utility of my web?

This is a reflection too common, often accompanied by another: “I do not understand, I put my business in the search and it’s in the first place, but no one visit.”

It is clear that if we know the name of the company and seek it, it will appear first on the list, but that does not attract new customers. We want to catch all potential customers who do not know us, and we must appear in searches without having to put our name.

What have we done wrong? Basically we’ve done nothing wrong, but we have not done thinking about marketing 2.0. Among other things, we must facilitate its task to search engines (mainly Google) for us to consider in your search.

What should I do to make my site appear in Google searches? We need to design an online strategy for our ecommerce effective. To know that we have to correct, we make a semantic analysis of the site. We have to determine who is our competitor off-line and on-line to know how they do. Once we have this information we will raise the foundation for the improvements we introduced into our site to build SEO and SEM strategy as a starting point for a whole new marketing plan 2.0.

What brought up the new marketing, where to start? Contact me at manuel.montanes@gmail.com or http://es.linkedin.com/in/manuelmontanes and together we will design an online strategy that not only include actions SEO and SEM, but also will see how dynamic your presence and control your image in social networks and / or professionals.

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